How do we approach

We choose our investments carefully. Our future investment must have at least one of the following attributes.

We invest in:

  1. 01


    Extraordinary people, extraordinary ideas, extraordinary products, extraordinary reputation. The extraordinary works as a strong magnet for us.

  2. 02


    We are searching for partners with whom we share a common vision. We prefer founders or managers with a strong vision and even stronger ambitions.

  3. 03


    We are attracted to companies which do not use their full potential. We will help them unlock it.

Investment criteria

When considering an investment,
we consider several factors


Company´s life
cycle stage

We aim at investments into companies, which
are in the growth or mature stage of the company´s life cycle.


Regional aspect

We focus primarily on Slovakia and the Czech Republic, from where our companies are expanding internationally.


Company´ size

When entering a new industry, we are looking for companies with an EBITDA of 1 mil. EUR and more. We also integrate companies with a lower EBITDA as add-ons.