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Sandberg Capital

We are an alternative investment fund management company that focuses on investing in small and medium-sized companies in Slovakia and in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. We invest in ambitious companies managed or owned by ambitious leaders. We create partnerships with people whom our capital and experience will help to achieve the highest goals.


Sandberg Capital was established in 2014.
We manage assets in the value of more than 340 mil. EUR.

Our portfolio consists of investments in the IT, agriculture, telecommunications, retail and education sectors. Portfolio companies employ more than 3,000 employees.


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Sandberg acquires Phase

Solitea changes its name to Seyfor

Sandberg acquires a majority stake in GreenFox Academy

Sanagro starts with the free-range farming

Solitea acquires Besteron

Webglobe expands to the Balkans

Sandberg closes Fund II at the hard cap of 130 mil. EUR

Sandberg sells its stake in Swan

Sandberg launches summer internship Sandberg Academy 2021

Sandberg acquires a stake in Daktela

Sandberg acquires a stake in Titans Freelancers

Sandberg launches second private equity fund

WY Group has acquired Hosting 90

WY group streghtens its position on the Czech webhosting market and increases its server hosting capabilities by acquiring Hosting 90

Solitea has become the largest player in the market of own ERP software solutions in Slovenia

After an acquisition of OPAL has Solitea´s revenue exceeded 10m EUR trashold in Slovenia

Sanagro is expanding to Liptov

Sanagro has acquired a 26.7% share in the company AGRONOVA Liptov, s.r.o

We strengthened our position in the Czech market by acquiring a provider of an online information system called iŠkola.

Bakaláři software has become the new sole shareholder of company Školské informační systémy.

WY Group expands its competencies and strengthens its position in the Czech Republic

WY Group expanded its product portfolio and strengthened its competencies in the area of managed hosting by purchasing the company Stable.cz. Stable is a long-time star on the Czech market and provides services to high profile customers such as Slevomat or Sportisimo.

New addition to Solitea

AXIOM Provis, a Czech company, and its subsidiaries, joined the Solitea holding. AXIOM has been one of the leading players in the Microsoft Dynamics market for more than 25 years.

Solitea increases its share in Dotykačka Holding to 58.5%

Solitea believes in the cashier business and its expansion and therefore we decided to increase our share in Dotykačka Holding once again.

Solitea is growing in Slovenia

Our subsidiary SAOP has decided to acquire MIT Informatika, a software company that complements its product portfolio. The company is based in Kranj, near Ljubljana.

Clever Decision becomes part of Solitea

Clever Decision is a modern consulting software company specializing in Business Intelligence in middle-sized and large companies. Clever Decision implements Microsoft solutions.

WY Group strengthens its position in Slovakia and at the same time enters the Czech market

WY Group strengthens its position on the Slovak webhosting market with the acquisition of Atlantis Systems. Within the same month, it acquired one of the first web hosting companies in the Czech Republic, Ignum.cz

Sandberg Capital has started investing in the web hosting market

This happened by creating a joint venture with Igor Strečko and Juraj Hanták. Igor and Juraj are the founders of company no.2 in the Slovak market - Webglobe Yegon and together with Sandberg Capital they founded the WY Group, which aims to become a relevant player in CEE.

Solitea supports the expansion of Dotykačka Holding to Slovakia and Poland, while increasing its share in the holding to 52.5%

With its same brand, Markeeta enters Slovakia and becomes a provider of one of the most advanced cloud solutions. The sister company Dotykačka has decided to enter the Polish market, where legislation for the electronic records of entrepreneurs' sales is currently under preparation.

Solitea increases its share in Dotykačka Holding to 41.2%

Dotykačka Holding consists of the second and third largest provider of POS systems in the Czech Republic. We plan to expand to the Slovak and Polish markets with those products in the near future.

We are expanding the cashier business in the Czech Republic

After the last month's acquisition of Dotykačka Holding, we managed to successfully complete the transaction of the third largest company in the Czech Republic in this segment. We entered the company Smart Software from Karlovy Vary. The company is known on the market with the product Markeeta and with this brand it will also enter the Slovak market as an eKasa solution.

Sandberg increases its share in Solitea

Solitea has now more than thirteen companies and the number of employees is close to 1000. We are very pleased to increase our share

Solitea enters the cashier business

Solitea acquired 24% of the shares in the company Dotykačka Holding, which offers EET-compliant solutions. The company is the second largest provider of cash register solutions for small businesses in the Czech Republic with more than 11,000 licenses sold. An expansion to the Polish market is planned

Bakaláři agreed with its competitor Škola Online

After this successful acquisition, our systems serve a total of 90% of primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic

Solitea expands WBI

Solitea is growing again. WBI offers its own as well as Microsoft solutions for companies on the Slovak and Czech market.

We are increasing our share in Bakaláři

Education is one of the Sandberg's key investment topics. We are very pleased that we have managed to increase our share in Bakaláři to 70.1%

Solitea is shopping. Four acquisitions within a month

Through its subsidiaries, Solitea acquired Allieto, BI Experts, Dynamica and GEMMA Systems. Companies focus on IT activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Opening a new kindergarten

Cambridge opens a new branch in Mlynská Dolina, where it took over the management of Little Kitten. The plan is to integrate best learning practice into another institution

Sandberg increases its stake in Aqist

We believe in our smart energy solutions. Therefore, we decided to increase our share in Aqist from 47% to 87%.

We are buying a private school Cambridge International School and a kindergarten Funiversity

We are expanding our educational activities. We add a private school and kindergarten to our portfolio, which are among the top facilities with English teaching. A+!

Solitea acquires a share in CDL System

CDL System has become a new member of the Solitea holding. Its main activities include implementation of information systems, specialized IT services and construction of IT infrastructure. Solitea acquired 100% of the company's shares, including the Slovak branch.

We are buying a 100% share in the company BOS-POR AGRO

Sandberg Capital enters into the organic farming business that produces bio-quality products.

We have concluded a contract to create a joint venture of telco operators BENESTRA and SWAN

We strengthen our BENESTRA with SWAN, one of the leaders on the Slovak telecommunication market. It serves more than 58,000 customers via triple play services (voice, internet and TV). We own 50% of the joint venture

We are entering the company RD Samuela Jurkoviča

To our farms we add an established agricultural producer from Sobotište.

We are acquiring a share in the IT company Aqist

Aqist provides information systems services primarily for the energy sector. We entered the company by purchasing a minority share (46.7%).

We acquire a 100% share in Benestra

Benestra is one of the most important B2B telecommunication operators in Slovakia. It is among the top alternative operators in the country with more than 7,500 corporate customers.

We are entering the company PD “TURIEC”

Another agricultural company has been added to our portfolio. In addition to plant production, its speciality is beef breeding and sheep milk production.

We are acquiring Terno real estate

Sandberg Capital enters the retail market through the acquisition of Terno real estate's 100% share. The retail chain covers the brands Terno, Moja Samoška and Hypernova. It operates 116 stores in Slovakia.

Solitea enters the Slovenian ERP market through the acquisition of SAOP

Our Solitea became the 100% owner of SAOP. With annual sales of about € 6 million and 30,000 clients, SAOP is one of the largest players in accounting software development and business services in the Balkans.

The Czech company J.K.R. has been added to Solitea’s portfolio

Solitea acquires 100% share of the traditional Czech producer of ERP systems. The company J.K.R. has more than 1,000 customers and revenue exceeding of € 3 million.

We purchase the share in the company SANAGRO Senica

We acquired 100% shares in another significant company aimed at agricultural production.

We acquire 100% share in the company EUROAGRO Senica

We expand our portfolio by another agricultural company aimed at ecological primary production.

We enter into the company Roľnícke družstvo Častkov

From now on our investments grow on the fields and pastures near Častkov in Senica district.

We purchase a share in the company Food Farm

The company belongs to the leading producers of raw cow´s milk in Slovakia. It is also engaged in viticulture and wine production under the GOLGUZ brand.

We enter into the company PD Dolné Otrokovce

Sandberg Capital entered into a traditional agricultural company, which is engaged in crop and livestock production.

We acquire a share in the company Bakaláři

We agreed with the leader of providing software for administration of primary and secondary schools on purchase of 60% business share. The company Bakaláři serves approximately 65% schools in the Czech Republic.

We enter into the IT holding Solitea

Sandberg Capital acquired 67% shares in the Solitea holding. It brings together producers of accounting, personnel and ERP systems for small and medium-sized enterprises from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. Solitea owns 100% shares in companies Cígler Software, Vema, JET ERP (Data Systems Austria), Altus and Aquasoft.

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