Senior Data engineer

The in-house data engineer will be responsible for strengthening the investment team’s opportunity pipeline and decision-making capability by building a data analytics capability within Sandberg Capital. We are looking to digitally transform our market research, investment analysis and decision-making capabilities and to create a dedicated investment analysis department within Sandberg Capital. This role will be responsible for seeding and setting up this capability. In this role you will be primarily focused on building data pipelines from multiple data sources and then analyzing data to create relevant insights for the investment team. You will also be expected to create (and maintain existing) custom data insight tools. We are looking for a self-starter that is able to work in a highly volatile environments with ambiguous inputs and instructions.

This role is primarily focused on data engineering tasks, with a view to shift to a more data-science focused down the track.

Role overview

Department / Group Research team
Office Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Reports to Partner / Investment manager
Supervises Directly: N/A, Indirectly: N/A

Key accountabilities and responsibilities

Data pipelines, data analysis, investment and decision-making support

Generation of investment opportunity leads by analyzing data from free and paid datasets. Assisting investments managers / executive managers in making decisions by making sense of complex data.

Key accountabilities and responsibilities

Automation and development

Developing procedures / algorithms that would automate identification of promising investment targets. Developing procedures / algorithms that would automate monitoring of relevant investment activity in venture capital / private and public equity (LPs, GPs, targets). There is already an MVP tool written in php for this at Sandberg Capital and this role would own the further development of this tool. Developing procedures / algorithms that would automate identification and tracking of relevant talent.

Key accountabilities and responsibilities

Data visualization

Presentation of findings in an easy to understand way using best practice data visualization techniques.

Key accountabilities and responsibilities

Vendor management

This role will also be responsible for managing vendors and subcontractors on an as-needed basis in order to deliver potentially larger pieces of work that may be out of scope for an individual to deliver.

Required qualifications

  • Strong academic record from a premier educational institution. BS degree in Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or related discipline required
  • Fluent English
  • Expert in SQL and modern NoSQL databases
  • Experience with using standard regression
  • Experience with building data cubes and performing data analysis on large sets of data
  • Fluent in R (or comparable statistical package), Python, D3.js (or similar visualization library)
  • Experience working with various API’s: HTTP REST, XML, SOAP and enough programming experience to be able to write connectors and various bits and pieces of automation code
  • Strong project management skills
  • High attention to detail and strong organizational skills; ability to review work of others and cross-check own work with desire to strive for quality and consistency
  • Excellent analytical, written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-starter, positive attitude with strong multi-tasking and prioritization abilities in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Strong work ethic, willingness to keep learning, honesty and integrity
  • Understanding of underlying economic principles, ability to understand and analyze micro and macro economical forces

Desired qualifications

  • Master’s degree in computer science/mathematics/finance from premier foreign academic institution
  • Experience with using machine learning programming techniques
  • Ability to be in a managerial role and work with various parties on several projects at once
  • Already held a leadership role as a data scientist in a recognized organization
  • Fluent in other major European language

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate will marry their desire to understand how the world works with their ability to meticulously analyze dispersed and diverse data sets combining economic, social and scientific data and be able to produce outputs relevant to the investment team. They will feel comfortable working individually but will have enough managerial experience to be able to lead more complex projects requiring interaction between investment managers, executive managers, outside vendors and supplier and other relevant stakeholders. The ideal candidate will have a love for numbers and context and will thrive on finding answers to difficult economic and investment related questions.

Ako ďalej

  • V prvom kroku by sme radi videli aktuálne CV spolu s motivačným listom kandidáta.
  • Kandidátom bude následne poslaná case study, v rámci ktorej bude finálnym výstupom vykonanie finančnej analýzy spoločnosti, pripravenie finančného modelu (plánu) ako podkladu na stanovenie valuácie spoločnosti a celkového investičného odporúčania.
  • Finálny výber kandidátov bude prebiehať na osobnom stretnutí, kde bude kandidátovi prezentovaná aktuálna investičná príležitosť a od kandidáta budeme vyžadovať zhodnotenie príležitosti, stanovenie valuácie a odporúčanie či by Sandberg do investície mal vložiť kapitál našich investorov.
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